Diary #6

Have you been to Tadoba? I have. In 2010. Tadoba was the first jungle I visited. It is THE jungle. Beautiful and sometimes scary as hell. Dense bamboos, Teak, Ghost trees, grass patches... Famous for its Tigers, has a diverse fauna and flora. In recent years there had been projects ran to protect Tigers and... Continue Reading →


The happy time continued this week too until Sunday afternoon when I fucked up with a new experiment.  Monday , Tuesday were usual. I received lot of appreciation on my paracord watch band. Couple of them are asking to make one for them. I'm still working on, to improve the design. Once i sort it... Continue Reading →

Diary #4

There is only one rule in jungle 'Survival of the fittest'. And there is only one rule in concrete jungle 'Survival of smartest'. For me you are only finished if you stop fighting back. Failure is not the end. Shanti made a decision to quit her job. She was not enjoying the work for last... Continue Reading →

Diary #3

It is what it is. We fought this week. Just usual stuff of a married couple. In my 4 yrs of marriage I have learnt a thing "Always give up". She's always right. It is what it is. But this time I didn't said sorry.  It was a quite busy week. Office, personal projects, writing... Continue Reading →

Diary #2

Happy Diwali to you all. This has been a busiest Diwali for me so far. But still a lot pending on my to-do list. Last couple of years I'm in this feeling of, things are not happening on time. I'm always running late on decisions & work. No matter how much i achieve things, still... Continue Reading →

Diary #1

Do we wake up early on Sunday's? I have a history of laziness. But if i'm away from home. Then it's a different story. As i wake up late this Sunday, with an hangover-ish feeling. How is that possible. I was drunk at Friday night. I had a long island. Scotch, White Rum, Coke... mixed... Continue Reading →

Silent moonlight

Oct 2015 My wife had a long awaited wish to visit Wai (Satara, Maharashtra). Usually people prefer much famous and touristy Mahabaleshwar and Pachgani, near by hill stations. I just knew that at Wai, lot of bollywood films are shot. Wai though just 12kms away from Pachgani is not a hill station. Situated at the... Continue Reading →

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