a diary of cute wildlife – velavedar bike ride

It was suppose to be a 10 hours bike ride but end up in 15 long hours. Heard about a place, Velavedar? It is one tiny (34 sq. km) wildlife abode, situated in Gujarat, near Bhavnagar. Many years ago I had created a list of places in India which I wanted to explore in future.... Continue Reading →


Mumbai Ashtavinayak Mumbai

Me and my friends are having a day out. Enjoying floods in south Mumbai. Flora Fountain area has become Venice. We were enjoying the colourful fishes in  the water. There were lot of varieties. Like the coral reefs. Some scary sharks too. Whenever a shark comes near, our woo's reached to the top. Ok!! I... Continue Reading →

Diary 9 | Missal Pav

For the first time I was attending and shooting wedding in a court. On Friday, my sister in law got married In court, everything is in fast forward. Like South Indian movies. You come early (we reached an hour late), fill out necessary forms, then you are in queue. We had one couple ahead of... Continue Reading →

Diary #8 | why I write

No snoozing !! Get up with sharp 7am alarm. Brush, Shower and that morning thing took me 15 mins. Next 5 mins I spent on wearing formals, eating, combing, wearing shoes and locking the house. Next is, 5 mins of walk towards bus stop. (You'll have to run if you see the bus, in the middle... Continue Reading →

Diary #7

"Guide". Guide was the first film, I got to know Dev Anand. When I was in school, we didn't had cable TV, so the only option was to watch movie on Friday night 9:30, on Doordarshan. I didn't understand the movie back then but Doordarshan never gave up on me. They kept playing Guide &... Continue Reading →

My photographic hustle

I got up kind of early, well actually i couldn't sleep properly on my RAC (half confirmed) seat. I saw outside the window. 3 tier coach window showed me the dark blue sky slowly getting filled with yellow rays. I pushed myself against the will and got out of my seat. I knew my shot.... Continue Reading →

Diary #6

Have you been to Tadoba? I have. In 2010. Tadoba was the first jungle I visited. It is THE jungle. Beautiful and sometimes scary as hell. Dense bamboos, Teak, Ghost trees, grass patches... Famous for its Tigers, has a diverse fauna and flora. In recent years there had been projects ran to protect Tigers and... Continue Reading →


The happy time continued this week too until Sunday afternoon when I fucked up with a new experiment.  Monday , Tuesday were usual. I received lot of appreciation on my paracord watch band. Couple of them are asking to make one for them. I'm still working on, to improve the design. Once i sort it... Continue Reading →

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