Goan seafood in Mumbai

Goa Bhavan, Juhu, was not on my reference list few days back. I got to know about this place last week only, and decided to visit, as it’s been a long time since we had goan seafood. So this is a small eatery in juhu. Not a luxury one but clean and tidy. Limited items in menu makes it pretty straight forward and obvious choice for seafood. We ordered a Crab Masala, fish thali, surmai fry (1 pcs). 

Fish Thali contains 2 veg subji, कोशिंबीर (salad), 2 pcs मांदेली fry, कालवणात एक तुकडी (आवडीनुसार), 2 चमचे जवळा, 2 pcs कोळंबी fry, चपात्या, भात (rice), गोव्याची सोलकढी (कोकम वाली) and अप्रतीम लोणचे (pickle). In one thali you can have 3-4 type of seafood which makes it a delicious package. I refilled salad and solkadhi coz they made me greedy. Surmai fry was good but it was the crab who steal the show today. मसाला आत जाऊन मुरलेला. 

Fish Thali ₹250

Crab ₹250

Surmai fry ₹150

Extra 4 चपात्या ₹20

The thing I liked is, it didn’t felt like a restaurant. Host were courteous and humble. I wouldn’t say it’s worth a visit, I would say it’s a must visit.  Chao. 


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