Paaya Soup

I used to visit Gulshan-E-Iran with friends. Kheema paav/roti and this paaya soup was our favourite among South Mumbai restaurants. JJ flyover traffic, honking, #nobodyfollowsrules, people and more people. It’s always been a crowded and noisy place. If you’re less in number than you have to share table with others. Which is, no big deal for such places. Can’t expect more than a restaurant opposite of Manish Market. If you are a luxury/mall/hygienic kind of person than this place is shit. Back than this was our cheap and best option. And it tasted damn!! good. Later I got busy with job and daily routines. (Marriage and stuff you know!!). Have passed through this area but was never able to make it for a bowl or kheema. I tried several Paaya soups at different places. Some were good some okish. I used to compare everyone to Gulshan-E-Iran.

Today, more than half a decade went past. I don’t know what came to my mind, I went there and…

This Irani Paaya still rocks.

#southmumbai #mughlai #soup #foodlove


P.S: Butter chicken and other mughlai dishes are recommended too.


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