Diary 9 | Missal Pav

For the first time I was attending and shooting wedding in a court. On Friday, my sister in law got married In court, everything is in fast forward. Like South Indian movies. You come early (we reached an hour late), fill out necessary forms, then you are in queue. We had one couple ahead of our. When our turn came, both the families gathered in the cabin of marriage registrar. The officer was a typical government personality. Post middle age. Hairs gone. Few remaining were white. Healthy personality with a healthy tummy. Glasses. He had his jokes loaded and ready to fire. I think he must be repeating the same jokes with every couple. He ask bride and groom their names. Then he ask them to sign in a big fat book. They both took marriage oath like a politician. Again signed on a paper. Next to officer’s desk, they had two special Red wedding chairs for couple, where groom put  Mangalsutra in bride’s neck,  followed by exchange of flower garland. Then a super quick 1 sec posing for photographer. And get the fuck out of his cabin.

After the court marriage, afternoon was free. Shanti ordered Chinese from Raju’s Kitchen. I opted to have Italian BMT, at Borivali West’s Subway. The reason to go West was, I had to replace batteries in my Kenneith Kole watch. I left with my scooter, for Subway and end up reaching at Girgaon Katta. It’s a  Maharashtraian food restaurant, next to Ghanta Paanwala. I ordered a Dahi Missal. Then Sabudana Wada. Then Piyush. This was my first time in this restaurant. I’m usually a taste lover but if something is not tasty, I’ll still finish it for the sake of food wastage. I was hungry and food came late. The benchmark for the missal and wada, from my own experience, living for 3 decades in Mumbai; “Prakash” at Dadar serves the best Missal and Sabudana wada. Girgaon Katta’s Missal is good but it doesn’t beat ‘Prakash’. Sabudana wada is not advisable. I think making Sabudana wada is an art in itself. It’s difficult to keep the outer part golden crispy and cook properly from inside. I strongly feel now, that I shouldn’t have had the Piyush. Coz next day, I was sick. The service at the hotel is not good. I gave my order to 3 different waiters. Billing was done by 4th waiter.

At evening, wedding reception was at Malad west. Just next to station. Shanti and me got in a Uber. We were running late. When we reached the hall, Shanti got herself in makeup room. And ended up eating lot of time. We had a cake cutting ceremony then reception. I chatted up with relatives and friends. It was a fun evening.

Next day, Saturday, I was down with cold and fever. At evening Shanti took me to Doctor. I had to recover in a day coz tomorrow, I have one more wedding to shoot. I hate when I’m sick. But I love one thing about being sick. I don’t have to do anything at home. I mean literally. I ask Shanti,  everything.

On Sunday, I reached Dadar, at groom’s place. After some photos, we left for wedding hall at Thane. It was a maharashtrian wedding. Went well. I had my energy drink and bars to keep me going. We finished our wedding shoot near to midnight. The team was exhausted. Sunday ended in a cab ride back home with Preyas and me, both singing classics from 90’s. Tomorrow, I was suppose to be in office and Preyas at another wedding. I reached home exhausted. Shanti gave lukewarm water to drink. Poor me, slept in her hug.


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