Diary #8 | why I write

No snoozing !! Get up with sharp 7am alarm. Brush, Shower and that morning thing took me 15 mins. Next 5 mins I spent on wearing formals, eating, combing, wearing shoes and locking the house. Next is, 5 mins of walk towards bus stop. (You’ll have to run if you see the bus, in the middle of walking). I can surely catch a Rickshaw, but that’s most of people do, so I chose  public transport. Bus, took around 10 mins to reach Borivali station. After getting down from the bus, get Bolt’ed and run. 7:36am Churchgate local was still there on platform. When I reached to the bridge over platform #7, train started. I lost my hopes and slowed down. But then I saw train is not catching up any speed, yet. I was on run again. I ran down the bridge, skipping a step. Now there is a tricky way to catch a running train. First you get yourself synced with the train’s speed and direction. Shout at the people standing on the door, so they create a room for you. Get a firm grip of door’s middle rod. Once you got a grip, get your one leg on the footpeg, in a go. Just one leg. Now you are officially on the train. This whole process should happen in a fraction of time. Also I would suggest to take a rickshaw to station to avoid the last action. And never catch a running train in Mumbai. It requires a lot of precision, fitness, courage and most importantly, Experience. I’ve spent more than a decade travelling in local trains. And Don’t try this at home too. 

7th Dec, Wednesday, was our 4th wedding anniversary. We had nothing special planned except a leave from office. So the earlier day we decided to visit Titwala Ganpati. For night celebration I bought few donouts and a cake. M.O.D got some beautiful and delicious, Christmas theme donouts. We cut the cake with Mummy, Aai, Pappa, Mashu and Tejas. Rahul and Parag visited late night, to eat cake. These two guys will always be there for their friends, no matter what. In morning, we left home quite late. It took 2 hrs to reach through traffic. We reached just before Midday. When we left, there was no traffic till we cross Kalyan. Once we were on the Nashik highway the traffic started. It lasted till, toll naka at Thane. Appx 8-9kms. For this entire patch I was riding on the mud patches along the roadside. Pretty good off-road. It took 2 hrs to reach Thane. We stopped at Decathlon shop. Did some shopping, got some refreshments. Back to home. The return journey was longer and exhausting. Lately I’ve been feeling an icth for a faster bike, which could also do little off-roading. Or you can say, handle the Indian roads. Now that I have put enough miles on my Bullet, the next thing will be put some speed on the gauge and go little further with less fatigue.

We are not candle light dinner, lovey-dovey couple. We love simple food. We like simple people around us. We would prefer to spend our romantic evening at the edge of some mountain, eating maggi, outside our tent. At evening I had a Sharwama with Rahul. Then we met Parag and Shweta, we had Pani Puri. Then we had a faluda. Yes the one which I mentioned in Diary #4. 

Next two days in office felt like I’m working on weekends. Every Saturday Shanti makes a promise to go for a morning run and we fail. This Saturday was Parag’s “Kelvan”. So Kelvan is, we treat bride/groom with delicacies just before they get married. So the Kelvan was from our Biker’s group to Parag and Shweta. We decided to prepare lunch with Chicken tikka and gravy, Fish fry, veg dish, chapati, rice, Solkadhi, Gulabjam. Everything went as per the plan, except we started little late. Poonam tried some new recipes. It worked. Overall the lunch was good. 

Shweta asked me last week, Why do you write? I’m 30 and still not sure about my career. I mean, I am, but still, what next. I want to sell my time. And it perfectly make sense. For photography or whatever other things I do. I’ll never be happy with one type of work in my life. I started my creative journey with photography. I watched Steve McCurrey, David Alan Harvey… These guys literally picured souls in their photographs. Today with so much post-processing in photos we have corrupted our thinking process. Everybody is a photographer here. Every client thinks he’s more creative than photographer. And most of the photographers are here for business. It is mis-conception in the industry that, good photoshop techniques is good photography. I asked myself, If everyone can be a photographer than what is That thing which is more challenging and everyone can’t do it. I got many answers. I started with Writing.   

Writing is one of those thing which will help me to reach where I want to be. Writing is that supporting pillar which…. By the time I’ll reach my goal. I would have already pushed it much further. Now to move ahead, I’ll again learn/try new things. 


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