Diary #7

“Guide”. Guide was the first film, I got to know Dev Anand. When I was in school, we didn’t had cable TV, so the only option was to watch movie on Friday night 9:30, on Doordarshan. I didn’t understand the movie back then but Doordarshan never gave up on me. They kept playing Guide & Jewel Thief. That’s how I get to know this evergreen star. For me Dev Anand comes before Amol Palekar, Amitabh and Shah Rukh. He had a charisma. His unique style was his strong point. I learnt a lesson from him, there is no such thing as retirement. You wake up in the morning and work what you love, for rest of the day. When he died 3 Dec 2011, I was sad. I lost a bit of me…

I passed out school in 2002. And Sunday was the day I re-visited my school. New English School, Bandra East. It’s been a long time. It felt like once upon a time. The interior haven’t changed much. So I was on a wedding assignment, at the ground floor hall. School feels school. Since it was Sunday there were no teachers, and the canteen was closed too. I stood in the ground and all those memories started flowing. I could see me in my seventh grade class window. Patil sir still banging his ruler on my head. I was a shit in painting.  I saw me playing cricket, and the iron fencing, around trees were our stumps. I saw me running towards the finish line of 100 m race, on our annual day. I saw me standing in queue and singing our national anthem on our Independence day parade. I saw my bicycle parking place. I saw me buying the samosa, Red Imli, Black salt… School feels school. 

I was shooting with Ketaki. I learned my photography basics from her. She’s a great photographer, rather artist. Whenever she needs extra photogrpher on wedding projects, she happily calls me. Shooting a wedding is great fun. We get to see different peoples. Their likes, beliefs, rituals, … My job is to click their smiles and the happenings, as creatively as I can. In between we do gossips about the families, the couple, that extraordinarily different human being at the wedding, fashion, girls, Bhatji (Pundit), cameras, that friend…

In the afternoon, girls had a plan to celebrate a little spinster for Mashu. Ketaki left early and joined them. I left the shoot after some time and decided to meet Anand and Alankar at Ketaki’s place. After an hour girl gang joined us. We had a small tea party. We laughed, talked, shared things. When we were in college, this was our almost daily routine. Gather on water tank of our building and have fun. Sometimes we use to end up chatting at 3am. We all were crazy. We still are but mostly busy…

My girl needed a casual bangle to wear on her dress we have bought for Mashu’s wedding. It’s been 3 weeks we are searching for that one bangle, every Sunday. Her dress selection was done in 15 minutes, Thanks to me. But the bangle took 3 weeks. This Sunday. Finally!!!

At late night I transferred today’s shoot in my hard disk. I was tired. I would have appreciated a glass of rum. But next morning was also going to be early. 

Next week I’ll begine with How to get up at 7am and catch 7:36am train from Borivali. I actually did it on Monday. 


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