My photographic hustle

I got up kind of early, well actually i couldn’t sleep properly on my RAC (half confirmed) seat. I saw outside the window. 3 tier coach window showed me the dark blue sky slowly getting filled with yellow rays. I pushed myself against the will and got out of my seat.
I knew my shot. I needed train, track and a bit of rising star. Took my camera and went to door. Damn! Its cold out here. I clicked couple of shots. Meh. ok. nothing great! So i waited for train to make a turn so that i can have good amount of train in my shot. Sun was getting hotter second by second. I kept updating my exposure. My nose started flowing with the cold winds. Waiting. Fingers going numb. Waiting. Still not satisfied with the composition. I went 35mm on my 16-35 lens. Soon the train made a right turn and finally this clicked.

Many people asks me how did you learn photography? And can you teach me?

There is nothing much to teach in photography. You have a camera, just go with it. No matter what you click, your photos will suck if you don’t have a story in it. There are few rules, which, you are allowed to break. Your technical knowledge matters less, if you have a good story to tell. Just be as creative as possible. I think photography is reflection of your mind and personality.

It’s not about technical knowledge. Most of you must be afraid of a DSLR you might have purchased. So How to use DSLR? There is a very simple technique i’ll tell you at the end of this article.

Whenever I click a photo, I tell myself – Your photos don’t matter & make no sense. So I asks myself again, Ok.. how do I change this? “That” work hard…& stuff… try something different, original and finally! make it sense. You should make a strong case, why your audience should spend their valuable time and data on your photos.

Cameras matter. They don’t. They do. Confusion! Confusion!!
Well from most of the “Pro” photographers you must have heard, Cameras don’t matter. If you ask the same thing to a beginner. He’ll say ‘Yes, it fuckin matter!!! Are you out of your mind…Who are you anyways…’.

If you ask me, Cameras matter. Not technically, but the perspective & according to what kind of photography. I’ll give you an example. For street photography a point&shoot camera will give you more candid shots than a DSLR. If you are going for a trek in Himalaya, any mirrorless or a good point&shoot camera will be less tiring than a DSLR. (Trust me I have done a trek with 5DMk2, it’s a pain, it drains you). If you are shooting your bike rides a GoPro Hero 5 will be more convenient. If you want shoot your vacation or family pics the perfect camera is point & shoot (not DSLR, don’t fall for their marketing strategies). If you shoot wedding, there are number of options from tiny drone camera sensors to medium format. From a base level DSLR to Leica, Contax & Hasselblad. I own a Fujifilm X-Pro 2. The reason behind this was, I like shooting in a candid way. For my travel and wedding projects I needed a camera which is like a invisible thing and DSLR was definitely not going to cut it. DSLR screams out that I’m a professional photographer. I was in search of a system which is lightweight, not so pricy and no compromise on quality. Fujifilm fits perfectly in my requirements.

Whatever you do in your career you have to hustle. If you want to learn photography click one photo everyday. Let it suck. It’s completely OK. I’ll be more happy if you come to me with doubts. Be focused. Be creative. Be charged. Be brave. Don’t let your hustle die.

DSLR Tip: Just read the user manual of camera.


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