Diary #6

Have you been to Tadoba? I have. In 2010. Tadoba was the first jungle I visited. It is THE jungle. Beautiful and sometimes scary as hell. Dense bamboos, Teak, Ghost trees, grass patches… Famous for its Tigers, has a diverse fauna and flora. In recent years there had been projects ran to protect Tigers and increase their count. Poaching news still make appreance in newspapers, despite this the Tigers population is growing healthy. In my first safari we saw Wild Dogs. Later we had no luck for Tiger. But Me and Rahul are a firm believer that don’t visit to see Tigers only, enjoy the different aspects of the jungle. It’s an altogether different level of experience. The reason remembering Tadoba this week is, I made a promotional illustration on a Tadoba excursion. Poonam and Rahul from Conserveda Outdoor, will be conducting it. I’ll link the poster below. 

I was very excited for the weekend. Ratnagiri was in menu. So, Parag wanted to introduce his fiancé  Shweta, to his family members in Ratnagiri. And they were like, hey! you wanna join us? We were, Yeah! And we end up on our way to Ratnagiri. This is a very special town for me. Not because it is my native place but the people, landscapes, food, fresh air… 

My Grandma used to take me to a walk in the feilds, we used to collect beans left in the field. After a half an hour walk and handful of beans in my pocket, we used to spend evening on the bank of river nearby. For a 10yr old me, handful beans was an achievement. I don’t exactly remember what we used to talk. 

Aare Vare, Kalbadevi beach, Lighthouse are one of the best places around. This time we visited Kalbadevi beach. This is one of the virgin beaches in Konkan. The water is as clean as a saint’s soul. The shells are rich coloured and textured. Like they have been crafted for this beach. And most of them still have life inside it. Sand feels like a fur blanket. 

On Saturday evening, I visited my dream house in reality. I always wanted a house on the edge, like hill, sea, both, merge… You watched Iron Man’s house at Malibu? The one which villan destroys with choppers. Exactly. After that movie this house has become my fantacy. Parag’s sister’s house comes extremely close to it. I’m not going into details, in this open platform. But I’ll definitely welcome you to my house someday. I always thought it’s a film set and can’t be a real thing but if you believe in yourself, work hard and…… Dreams do come true.

Sunrise near Amba Ghat, Kolhapur-Ratnagiri Highway. 


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