The happy time continued this week too until Sunday afternoon when I fucked up with a new experiment. 

Monday , Tuesday were usual. I received lot of appreciation on my paracord watch band. Couple of them are asking to make one for them. I’m still working on, to improve the design. Once i sort it out, i’ll order a few different coloured paracord.

Wednesday eve was very special. I  left half day from my office. Went to home. Changed. Got my bike. And reached Andheri. For a very special friend’s wedding. Preshit. We’re college friends. From like FYJC. He’s kind of different personality altogether. In a good way. He’s a technical geek, minus the thick edged spectacle. Short. French beared. Put on a little weight over the time. I never understood what he actually do for living. He explained me already couple of times. So one of the many things he do is, he owns a website, where he write reviews of Apple products. Sort of something. But don’t trust me on what he actually do. The interesting part was it was going to be sort of reunion of my FY group. Rahul made it surprisingly. Well I’m glad he made it coz only he bought a gift. Avishkarcame. Vikesh couldn’t made it. It is nostalgic when we all meet. And gets difficult while departing. Avishkar back to his busy schedule. Rahul back to Saudi. Preshit… well he’s just married, so let’s just say he’ll be busy. 😉

Next two days I felt like I’m working on weekends. I started a project on Saturday. The last pending point on my 3 weeks older to-do list. Back insert for Shanti’s iPhone. While starting it looked  very simple. It end up eating my Saturday & a half Sunday. I did a mess on my desk. Still the end product sucked. I fucked up with colour combination, finishing and size. Anyway I’ll make a better one next time. Sunday evening we left for shopping. Shanti wanted to collect her dress and then buy some matching jewellery. Meanwhile I convinced her for Chinese food. We were suppose to have salad for dinner. But she knew Chinese food is my weak point. I offered her that I’ll take salad for tomorrow’s lunchbox. 

I’m working on something. Currently it’s in research phase. It’ll change me and her. Completely. Or rather we have to make ourselves better in every aspect.  We’ll have to put a lot of hardwork and creativity on it. It’s going to be fun. 

See you next week. 


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