Diary #4

There is only one rule in jungle ‘Survival of the fittest’. And there is only one rule in concrete jungle ‘Survival of smartest’. For me you are only finished if you stop fighting back. Failure is not the end. Shanti made a decision to quit her job. She was not enjoying the work for last few years. This year has been pretty rough on her. All the extra working hours, mental stress, etc. etc. etc. She’s fighting real hard for new opportunities. I have given her a handful options. Kotak had become, enough is enough thing.

A lot happened this week. Shanti’s  decision being on the top. I was on leave this Friday. For a special reason. Our building friend Ajay got married. Shanti had an interview at the same time of his wedding rituals, so we missed it. Which is kind of shame on us, coz this guy is pretty special person to us. And we wanted to be there if he needs any help. We still made it for the reception. Anna, you were looking awesome. And your watch too 😀

At evening we went for shopping. My sister in law’s wedding coming closer. So we went to Borivali west for some unfinished wedding dresses affair. After shopping, it was eating time. I knew exactly precisely what’s it goin to be. If you happened to be in Borivali after 8:45pm, don’t miss Borivali Faluda Center at the start of Chandavarkar Lane, opposite Step-In shoes. My personal favourite flavour is Borivali Special Faluda with kesar, kulfi and loads of dry fruits. It’ll cost you ₹90. I had a Baadshahi this time, which is a Rose flavour @₹80. One full glass Faluda will explode your tummy if you already had your dinner. 

Evening happened to be a shopping time. We took my mom to Matunga’s Nalli. One of the best  saree shop in Mumbai. They have like tons of sarees… The main point is right opposite of Nalli. There is another famous eatery. Ayyapan Idli Center. I have been coming here for like, 4-5 years now. It’s been my favourite south indian food joint. We ordere Ayyapan special dosa. This is a monster dosa. Delicious as heaven and big as Undertaker. I ate 1, mom & wife finished 1. Back to the shopping. Mom bought a pearl coloured saree, it’s awesome. I’ll post pics when she’ll wear it. 

Sunday morning as decided, started with a morning walk. Then breakfast. After breakast i sat on my long pending personal project. I made a camera wrist strap from paracord. Getting a good strap for my camera has become a task. In market, the straps are either cheap quality, not good looking or pricy. The one which are pricy are not complementing to my rangefinder style camera. They’re all designed for DSLR’r. I think i’m the rerest people from India who uses, rangefinder body for professional use. I had seen paracord camera straps on internet. So i decided to make one for me. I ordered a paracord from Amazon. & I made it. There’s gonna be one more thing on next week’s blog. Wait for it. 

Tomorrow will be beautiful, coz I  got my wife back from Kotak. 


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