Diary #3

It is what it is. We fought this week. Just usual stuff of a married couple. In my 4 yrs of marriage I have learnt a thing “Always give up”. She’s always right. It is what it is. But this time I didn’t said sorry. 

It was a quite busy week. Office, personal projects, writing a bit… I woke up late on weekends. My hunger for more is not dying but I didn’t set any goal for the weekend. I cleared some pending work. I finally made my parachord bracelate. Instead of paracord I used a cheap cord called as Sutali. It’s mostly used in packing stuff. Also i attached some hexanuts in between the knots. Shanti didn’t liked it. I liked it. Maybe I’m biased coz I made it. There is an immense joy in making things on your own. Speaking of making things, I edited my Diwali movie which i shot last monday & it’s up on my YouTube channel. 

I love/hate Diwali
Diwali has always been a fun filled feastival. I love firecrackers. But now I see smoke. I love firecrackers but also love polar bears, snow leopards. I love the colours coming out of them but Butterflies, I love them more. Residential society’s have started cutting down trees within their premises. The temperature is going up, everyone has to start somewhere. 

My Saturday evening was packed. A quick visit to Dadar. My saali wanted a point&shoot camera. We bought it from JJ Mehta, near the station. Canon SX620HS. Just next to the camera shop there is a famous eating joint. Shrikrushna Batatavada. Traditional Maharashtraian snacks. Delicious taste. Very old eatery. We left from Dadar & went to Andheri at Dhawal’s place. Me & Rahul clicked his wedding photos. So we wanted to talk about the wedding album. Dhawal is our trekking & riding friend. He’s a cool guy & a small Wikipedia in himself. Right now he’s in US for his work. But i was excited to meet his family. His parents are one of the best people i have met. As usual I reached late. Rahul & Poonam reached few minutes later. We had delicious homemade Diwali sweets. & we ate lot. Like greedy people. Later in the evening we collected our cake from Prathemesh. He’s a best homemade cake maker in Borivali. So the cake was for my little brother’s birthday. He turned 26 this sunday. He’s sort of opposite of me. I’m a silent guy, he’s not. I’m little reserved, he makes friends just like that. I’ll prefer not doing things if I’m not convinced, he’s a doer. I’m lazy…. he’s little less. Ok but whatever it is I’m proud of what he is today. 

Sunday started late and ended late. We went to my sister’s place for lunch. She cooked delicious biryani. My nephew was totally into pokemon. One more cake. A nice mix fruit this time. Loved it. 

Evening was inspiration time. Usually I read photographer’s blogs. I go to the YouTube & watch some gear reviews or photography learning tutorial. Or anything random. YouTube has been a huge part of my photography & other things too. I had prepared a peg of brandy this time. Wife prepared salad for dinner. We’re still not talking. I’ll cuddle her whensleeping. I’m hoping it’ll fix this. Otherwise I’m dead 😀


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  1. Reading how one’s thoughts wander 6 thoughts in a minute is pretty amazing to see… This blog is a perfect example of what events occurred one after the other.. And how your thoughts changed from one thought to another..

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