Diary #2

Happy Diwali to you all. This has been a busiest Diwali for me so far. But still a lot pending on my to-do list. Last couple of years I’m in this feeling of, things are not happening on time. I’m always running late on decisions & work. No matter how much i achieve things, still hungry for more. I’m even thinking of doing a tattoo saying, “Do More”, “Work hard”…. something like that. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. 

Friday was damn busy. I started working on a project. Poonam is starting her own venture in travel & outdoor industry. She needed my help for designing a logo. Then I started 2 DIY projects. They’re still ‘Man at work’ status. Was up till 4 am. Saturday I woke up late. Missed Diwali morning. Had a delicious lunch made by Mom. Wife made some sweets. On Saturday I decided to go to bed early. As i planned to wake up early for a sunrise shoot. I’m working on a review of my new camera Fujifilm’s X-Pro2. It was the first in my to do list. I have completed the writing part, just needed some landscape photos.

Here I started my Sunday with 5am alarm. Wake up. Got ready. On my way. On my Bullet 350. Headed to Worli Seaface. My dumb idea was to capture sunrise from west coast. Actually I was more interested to shoot the blue hour. The entire sky is dark blue. Sea is covered with blackish blue blanket. Yellow lights on the Sea-Link Bridge feels like a jewellery. The bridge disappeard somewhere in the sea. There are a few illusionary lights on Bandra side. Joggers, cyclists are in rush. The birds are busy in their morning walk. The footpath has a lot of stories to tell about last night’s firecrackers. After a long time here I was just to shoot. We we’re sitting on a bench. Just behind the bench, i had kept Shanti’s iPhone for a timelapse shoot. We reached little late for the blue hour but still got the last moment. We walked a little further along the sea. There were two cyclist getting trained. The trainers were on bike. And continuously shouting at them. A loud noise started approaching us. Messarati. Few moments later Audi R8 passed us. Then Mustang. Damn. This beautiful cool morning was turning hot now. Couple of minutes later a walker passing us, asked “Did you left some camera cover behind?” I realised, Yes! I did lost my lens hood. He asked us to meet them at the next bus stop, as the hood is with one of their friend. So I lose a lot of things but I never thought it’ll happen with my new camera. We reached bus stop. Two cyclist kids were now relaxing. Some time later a guy came and handed me the hood. I thanked him. & out of our two cyclist, One of them is his son & a National level competitor. He is now preparing for the event which will happen in Sangli in near future. Small world! 

So the good people still exist. We left Worli to find some good breakfast. Without any doubt “Prakash” at Dadar West was a clear winner. Missal, Sabudana Wada at Prakash is not less than a fairytale. We are visiting this place since i was 12-13 yr old kid. 

Afternoon went pretty sleepy. At evening we again visited Borivali West for Shanti’s sister’s shopping. Now a month left for her wedding. 

This year there are less fireworks on the streets. Finally people are getting aware about Global Warming. On Monday I shot a film on firecrackers. Will upload it on YouTube. After shopping we collected cake for Pappa’s midnight birthday celebration.

This Sunday was less lazy i guess. Hopefully finishing that never ending To-do list as fast as possible. I can’t stop that list getting longer but I’ll try hard to keep it shorter. You too don’t stop, keep trying. 


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  1. There are some beautiful lines I liked about this blog- after the cars passed by, the cool morning was turning hot now or the roads the story of fireworks.. 🙂 different style of your writing 🙂 Masta ekdam


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