Diary #1

Do we wake up early on Sunday’s? I have a history of laziness. But if i’m away from home. Then it’s a different story. As i wake up late this Sunday, with an hangover-ish feeling. How is that possible. I was drunk at Friday night. I had a long island. Scotch, White Rum, Coke… mixed in a tall beaker. Lately I’m observing lot of bars are using glass utensils like the one which we had used in science lab. Small beakers, conical flask, test tubes…I fought back with sleep. Got Me out of bed. Shanti (my wife) was already up. She’s usually a late waker. Today she beats me. We had tea. Then I switched on TV. And the music channels. Did i told you how much I love bollywood music from 90’s. I can’t explain why. I think in my teens I listened only bollywood. We didn’t had cable TV. Only Doordarshan & DD Metro were the two options for us.

So, 90’s music was playing on some channel. Saajan, Deewana, Tezaab…. They just kept playing & so i kept listening… Meanwhile Shanti made French toast & left with her mother for some work. From there they were going to meet me at Borivali East, for Shanti’s shopping. She is still pending to buy a dress for her sister’s wedding. Poonam had suggested her couple of shops. At 12:30 i ended my 90’s musical journey. Changed in like no time. Reached Borivali West at 12:50. Now i’m not new to this, being late. But i have learned few things in my 4 yrs of marriage, by waiting hours outside her office. I was damn sure she’ll be late & she came at 13:05. We entered the shop. It was a sunny afternoon. Only one customer was on the counter. Shopkeeper started showing dresses, one by one. I love these colours. I’m so happy that in India we use so much colours in dresses. Not only colours but the handicraft work done on dresses is superb. Collection was good. If anyone wants to checkout please visit ‘Posh’ in Borivali West. Shanti tried some dresses, they were all good. While she was changing, i asked shopkeeper to show a dress. I kind of liked the colours of it. When he opened it, wow. I loved the pattern, just the right thing we were searching for. Something different & creative. They also showed the catalogue of this collection. When Shanti came out she also liked it. It was looking perfect on her. After measurements we left the place. She seemed happy with her dress. It was little late for lunch by then. She suggested lets go to Nigh Evil. This is possibly the best restaurant in Borivali West for chinese food. They has maintained their quality and service over the years. My dad used to bring us here when we were kids. We went straight to main course & ordered Night Evil special fried rice. Ohh man it was delicious. This chinese is definitely different from the other hotels. We left hotel with a happy tummy. Later we shopped a khadi kurta for me to wear on Diwali. I love khadi cloths. They feel more organic & with soul. Later evening we spent at home just chilling out. Watching some vlogs. In evening we left house for a stroll and few pending work on our way.

I didn’t do anything great today. But I loved this Sunday. It may not have put me ahead in my journey but it certainly taught me, what I should not repeat on next Sunday. Our journey is never gonna stop, so why should We. See you at the next one. Maybe. Maybe not. You tell me.

– clicked at Satara


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  1. Change is constant..sometimes it’s okay to sit back and relax and not do anything but relish life and the laziness.. 🙂 your writing is like an open diary! Keep writing!

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