One epic road trip across India – Golden Quadrilateral ride.

On 22 December 2018, me and my wife started a motorcycle ride. On Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) highway network. Route was simple, Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkata-Delhi and back to Mumbai. This is our story... 22 Dec 2018: We started early morning 4:30 am from Mumbai. Crossed Pune by 9 am. Roads were under construction from Pune to Satara. Satara... Continue Reading →

About Mrs Maisel

I gotta be honest with you. Last couple of weeks I've been a fanboy of this comedy, drama, musical series. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel It has fantastic cinematography, performance, writing, music.... Recreating 1950-60 New York would have been pain coz there's lot of homework been done. Rachel Brosnahan's 'Midge' won her a well deserved Golden... Continue Reading →

Goan seafood in Mumbai

Goa Bhavan, Juhu, was not on my reference list few days back. I got to know about this place last week only, and decided to visit, as it's been a long time since we had goan seafood. So this is a small eatery in juhu. Not a luxury one but clean and tidy. Limited items in... Continue Reading →

Bullet 350

My 'Bullet 350' is 5 years old today. Still a stunner. A powerhouse. Head turner. A proud metal stallion. Nostalgia of Enfield's history. A 'BRO'. Engine is an instrument and thump is music. Down to earth, it seeks no demand except open roads. 5 years down and 34k kilometres mark passed... you have not given... Continue Reading →

Food for thoughts 

Old is Gold and Simple is best. Sitting near the lake, cold winds on my face.  I reached to the sky and kept my camera down.  While on phone with wife, enjoyed my dinner out of town.  It was a delicious dinner while camping.  Go places, have fun and stop stopping.  #maharashtrianfood 

Paaya Soup

I used to visit Gulshan-E-Iran with friends. Kheema paav/roti and this paaya soup was our favourite among South Mumbai restaurants. JJ flyover traffic, honking, #nobodyfollowsrules, people and more people. It's always been a crowded and noisy place. If you're less in number than you have to share table with others. Which is, no big deal... Continue Reading →

Crab story

One fine summer Saturday I left for a ride. Wife was in Radissance Blu hotel for her office outing. I had to pick her up at 7 pm. Now that I was going for a 3 hr long ride just to pick up, didn't made any sense. I added two more reasons in the list. Sunset... Continue Reading →

Bhandardara Diary

...we reached late and end up in a superfun nightout... If you're following my blog, you know i'm not writing my weekly diaries. I have been busy with travelling, office work and other usual stuff. Weekends are packed with work. And more work. Though couple of travel stories are up on the blog. ... and... Continue Reading →

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