I switched from iPhone 5s to OnePlus 6

It's not that difficult to let go your iPhone.

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One epic road trip across India – Golden Quadrilateral ride.

On 22 December 2018, me and my wife started a motorcycle ride. On Golden Quadrilateral (GQ) highway network. Route was simple, Mumbai-Chennai-Kolkata-Delhi and back to Mumbai. This is our story... 22 Dec 2018: We started early morning 4:30 am from Mumbai. Crossed Pune by 9 am. Roads were under construction from Pune to Satara. Satara... Continue Reading →

About Mrs Maisel

I gotta be honest with you. Last couple of weeks I've been a fanboy of this comedy, drama, musical series. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel It has fantastic cinematography, performance, writing, music.... Recreating 1950-60 New York would have been pain coz there's lot of homework been done. Rachel Brosnahan's 'Midge' won her a well deserved Golden... Continue Reading →

Goan seafood in Mumbai

Goa Bhavan, Juhu, was not on my reference list few days back. I got to know about this place last week only, and decided to visit, as it's been a long time since we had goan seafood. So this is a small eatery in juhu. Not a luxury one but clean and tidy. Limited items in... Continue Reading →

Bullet 350

My 'Bullet 350' is 5 years old today. Still a stunner. A powerhouse. Head turner. A proud metal stallion. Nostalgia of Enfield's history. A 'BRO'. Engine is an instrument and thump is music. Down to earth, it seeks no demand except open roads. 5 years down and 34k kilometres mark passed... you have not given... Continue Reading →

Food for thoughts 

Old is Gold and Simple is best. Sitting near the lake, cold winds on my face.  I reached to the sky and kept my camera down.  While on phone with wife, enjoyed my dinner out of town.  It was a delicious dinner while camping.  Go places, have fun and stop stopping.  #maharashtrianfood 

Paaya Soup

I used to visit Gulshan-E-Iran with friends. Kheema paav/roti and this paaya soup was our favourite among South Mumbai restaurants. JJ flyover traffic, honking, #nobodyfollowsrules, people and more people. It's always been a crowded and noisy place. If you're less in number than you have to share table with others. Which is, no big deal... Continue Reading →

Crab story

One fine summer Saturday I left for a ride. Wife was in Radissance Blu hotel for her office outing. I had to pick her up at 7 pm. Now that I was going for a 3 hr long ride just to pick up, didn't made any sense. I added two more reasons in the list. Sunset... Continue Reading →

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